That’s a Cool CSS 3 Linear Gradient

There is not a single image on this page. Everything is done with CSS gradients, shadows, transparent colors and rounded borders. Looks best in Opera. If the background is red, you are using a “wrong” web browser.

  repeating-linear-gradient(15deg, /* Big vertical shadows */
    transparent 1024px),
  repeating-linear-gradient(60deg, /* Tiny hatching */
    rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25) 3px,
    transparent 4px),
  repeating-linear-gradient(105deg, /* Horizontal cuts */
    transparent 4px,
    transparent 224px,
    rgb(10, 0, 0) 256px),
  repeating-linear-gradient(15deg, /* Main layer */
    #334 1px,
    #CDD 15px,
    #999 16px,
    black 32px);

Please note that you need to repeat this for every web browser, with -o- for Opera, -moz- for Firefox and other Gecko based web browsers, -webkit- for Safari and Chrome and finally -ms- for Internet Explorer 10.

Things learned:

Read more about repeating-linear-gradient in the Mozilla Developer Network.

© Thiemo Mättig, created in September 2011
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