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Here are my condensed lists of PHP 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 features I'm looking forward to. As usual in order of personal preference.
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After I wrote similar blog posts about PHP 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6, here is (finally) my list of new PHP 7.0 features I'm looking forward to use.
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PHP 7 introduced an ?? operator and calls it »null coalescing«, but it keeps confusing me for some reason. I mean, I know and love the ?: shortcut introduced in PHP 5.3 six years earlier. But what is the difference? I don't find the documentation terribly helpful.
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»I strongly disagree that Ubuntu and Gnome decided to disable the standard Unix Middle Mouse paste. […] May the managers behind this decision find a soon and painful end. You make my life hard.« Uh, I would not put it that way. But yea, this is painful. I got sooo used to the quick middle mouse button copy-paste that does not interfere with the clipboard. I absolutely need it. Here is how to re-enable it in the more recent Ubuntu versions that disabled it: Ask Ubuntu: How do I enable Middle mouse button emulation?
How to compare a.k.a. »diff« binary files in Ubuntu, or Linux in general? The cmp command kind of supports this via it's -l (verbose) switch, but outputs octal numbers for some reason. Nobody uses octal numbers. Try this:
cmp -l first.bin second.bin | mawk 'function c( o ) { for ( d = i = 0; i++ < length( o ); ) d = d * 8 + substr( o, i, 1 ); return d } { printf "%08X %02X %02X\n", $1 - 1, c( $2 ), c( $3 ) }'

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