Simple (X)HTML Prototype
UBBCode, Wiki Markup, Structured Text etc. are superfluous

Simple HTML is allowed: <a href>, <em>, <strong>, <code>.

Links: valid, short, attributes are croped, <a onclick=»alert('!')«>invalid</a>. Auto-detected links:,

Allowed inline markup: emphatic, strong, code. For compatibility reasons: i=em, b=strong, tt=code. Not allowed: <small>a</small>, <em style=»color:red«>a</em> and so on.

function noNeedToUsePre() {
    while ($i--)
        echo "<td>&nbsp;</td>";

     Indention is        p o  s   s    i     b      l       e.
Floooding is not.

<em>Allowed but escaped</em>, <em>same</em>, &lt;em>double-escaped</em>.
Same goes for <a href=...>a</a> but not for &lt;small>invalid tags</small> and not for &lt; entities.

Nice »quotes« (German newspaper style) and – as seen here – nice n-dashes (German style, »-« vs. » – «).

Detected tags are: <a href> (anchor), <em> (emphatic), <strong> and <code>.

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