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I'm still running Ubuntu 12 (don't ask), and wanted to try a Wacom Intuous Draw (CTL-490) tablet. For future reference, here is what I did.

The German »Ubuntu Users« page explains very well what to do, including how to compile the drivers yourself. I did that and it worked! It fucking worked! I think this was the first time it ever worked out when I tried to compile drivers myself. I'm genuinely impressed.

I do have a dual monitor setup with two screens next to each other. By default, the active area of the tablet is mapped to the full area of both screens, which means movements are skewed and the mouse pointer moves twice as fast horizontally. The thing is not really usable this way, at least not to actually draw. Weirdly the Wacom configuration in the system settings refuses to detect the tablet. But there is an xsetwacom command line. Here I found how to map the tablet to one screen only. For my setup the command was xsetwacom set "Wacom Intuos S 2 Pen stylus" MapToOutput HDMI3. You can run xsetwacom --list devices to get the name of your tablet, and xrandr to get a list of your screens.

> I'm still running Ubuntu 12 (

Why? ;P

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