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Here is an other minor art asset I want to re-release, this time under a free license: the Shatterboxx TrueType font we use for all text in our indie game Glow.

Here is a sample of my extended version of the font:

Font sample with special characters and umlauts

The original version did not even contained the German umlauts we needed for the localizations we wanted to have in our game. I found this unacceptable back in 2006 and updated the font many times since then, utilizing multiple TTF editors, most notably Softy 1.07b and FontForge. I did not only added many special and diacritical characters for almost all western European languages, I did much more. We did not wanted to use the weird looking lower case letters, so I replaced them all with copies of the upper case letters. I increased the letter spacing a lot to make the text much easier to read in smaller font sizes. I repaired some letters that missed big chunks because of the »shatter« effect that gave the font it's name.

The weblog media archive contains some screenshots showing both the old version of the font with it's weird lower case letters and narrow letter spacing, as well as the new, much better readable version.

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