Glow – The Freeware Action Game

Screenshot of the Windows game

»Glow« is a 2D action plat­former by »Black Chronos«, a small game developer studio found and lead by Sven Gramatke in 2006, that ceased to exist in 2014. The game was mostly programmed by Holger Meisel, and the 3D graphics mostly done by Sven Gramatke. I started contributing to the game as a 2D artist and beta tester. In 2008 we decided to release the game as freeware. I'm working on an all-new version 1.666 since then.

In 2016 I decided to re-release most of the games art assets and tools under CC-BY-SA. The author you should credit is the game developer studio »Black Chronos«, which mainly includes the founder, producer, writer, and 3D artist Sven Gramatke, as well as me, Thiemo Kreuz, in my role as a programmer and 2D artist.

Art assets





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