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MediaWiki and the extensions I'm working on finally switched from PHP 5.3 to 5.5 a few months ago. I wrote a blog post back then, summarizing what awesome things PHP 5.4 and 5.5 give us: Short array syntax and the ::class keyword, to name just the two most important. But what will the next steps give us?
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»Sehr geehrte(r) Herr Mättig, haben Sie sich bereits für paydirekt registriert? […] Einmal im Online-Banking für paydirekt registriert, zahlen Sie einfach mit Benutzername und Passwort.« Ein PayPal-Konkurrent, betrieben von deutschen Banken? Na gut. Und wo kann ich damit bezahlen? Lieferando? eBay? Zalando? Cyberport? Nein? Na dann.
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I finally dug into the C source code of PHP's strtotime function and DateTime class, which is just a fancy way of doing the exact same as strtotime. The problems I have, for years now: Why does strtotime( '12:00:00' ) return 12 o'clock on the current day and not, let's say, 12 o'clock on January 1st 1970, which is when the Unix epoch started? And why on earth does strtotime( '2015-02-29' ) return March 1st? It turns out all this is strongly tied to the crazy feature set of this piece of legacy software, the most relevant lines of code being these three. There is no switch to turn it of, and most importantly: it's impossible to report this as a bug, because it is none.
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I was doing a bit of Google search for my discontinued domain. It's some weeks now that I moved all contents to (In case you are wondering, there was not much: a placeholder and my Minecraft gallery.) I was curious: Did other people referenced anything on As it turns out, the only interesting thing (besides my gallery) are my circle and sphere blueprints for Minecraft I wrote in 2011. I found two tutorial videos on YouTube that are actually based on my tool.
For your information, Google and whoever searches for this, the domain is no more. »Wege zur Mode« is a fashion brand my sister build in design school, but she never used it. Later she was building her much stronger »Gudekind« business and decided against the older brand, which was nothing but a hard redirect since then.

I will also discontinue the domain. My original idea was to move all my private stuff over there and use for business purposes. This never happened and is unlikely to happen. Here is a snapshot of what the domain contained last. If you want to have, please contact me. I'm happy the Dr.-Gregorius-Mättig-Stiftung said yes when I asked them if they want the domain.

PHP 5.5 is weird:
use NonExistingNamespace\NonExistingClass;
$className = NonExistingClass::class;
var_dump( $className );
Result: string(37) "NonExistingNamespace\NonExistingClass". What this means: PHP does not care if the class exists. It does not care if a class mentioned in a use clause exists and it does not care if ::class is used on an existing class. A use clause does nothing but create an entry in a string map, mapping short to full qualified class names. The ::class syntax does nothing but returning a string from that map. That's all.
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»Removed Herobrine«. Again. I love watching the Minecraft change logs and development in general. I find it fascinating how heavily community driven it is, how it appears to have no test setup since critical details break all the time, and how all this is agile in a very raw sense. Move fast, break things. That's how Mojang rolls, and people love it. Back in 2011 I tried to predict the future of Minecraft, from a developers perspective who played the game straight for two years from 2011 to 2013. I was right in most details, and so much wrong in others. One detail I have not seen was that they dropped support for my outdated graphics card some day, by requiring a higher OpenGL version. Later I understood. People keep asking if Minecraft 2.0 will come some day, and that's exactly what they are doing: constantly raising the bar, going along with the current state of the art PCs, adding more and more features and possibilities, even switching over to shaders and cool effects like the »spectral« effect in todays 1.9. But back then, in 2013, it meant I had to stop playing the game. Some other details I predicted are still on hold. For example, did they added the missing palm trees and fish visibly swimming in the ocean to todays Minecraft 1.9 release? Nope, not yet. But I'm sure they will do it some day. Did they added more range weapons? Nope, and I'm sure they will never do it.

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