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It's 2016. What happened to »Glow«?

It's almost a year since I last mentioned Glow in this blog. It wasn't good news back then, and no, I did not heard anything new since then. In the meantime, my life went on and continued to change. The old desktop computer with my latest Glow development version is in a (dry and secure) storage room for a few months now. However, I'm still making plans to release the game some day. As a first step I will release most, if not all of the art assets of the game under the Creative Commons BY-SA license I love so much. This will include all tile sets, functional and decorative stuff like doors, levers and furniture, as well as all the enemies including additional 3D renderings (but not the 3D source files, since I never had them). It will possibly include all the music and sound effects Sven Gramatke made for the game. But it was not only Sven and myself who did the artwork for the game. A few other creative people where involved back in 2006. Here are the full credits of the game. Some animations and art assets are credited to Peter Schuster and Achim Weste (but I don't know which). The voice recordings are from Klemens Koehring. Guys, are you reading this? Is a free license ok for you? Except for Klemens I don't have your email and don't know how to find you, even if we all have IMDb pages.

PS: Klemens responded immediately and said yes to a CC-BY-SA release of his voice recordings.

As some eye-candy for you fellow readers I found an archive of screenshots from the discontinued Glow weblog and put it online here. I also want to share a link to the archived version of the Glow weblog with you. I'm still quite proud of some of the posts I wrote there. I may repost some of them or at least write some meta blog posts about the most relevant ones, giving additional context. Looking forward to hear from you, my friends.

Höchste Zeit daß das mal publik wird. Freu mich schon :)

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