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The past weeks, I decluttered my old domain a bit. I tried to turn it more into an actual archive, instead of something that appears like I still do. Here are some notable changes, for – well – the sake of archiving:
  • Decided the main language here, especially the older parts, should be in German.
  • Changed the title to »Thiemos Archiv«.
  • Finally finished the »software« section. Before, I tried to list all software I ever wrote or contributed to. Instead, now I lists only major software projects I still find worth mentioning.
  • Removed a lot of minor web projects for the same reason.
  • Removed a lot of sub-pages from the menu on the right to not make them appear like they are still part of the main content. Most sub-pages are still available, but linked from the main pages.
  • Removed the »PHP« and »references« sections. Can be found in »software« now.
  • Deleted a few university projects, most notably the one about chipsets.
  • The header image is an SVG now. I wanted to do this for a very, very long time.
  • Updated some styles, especially to have larger click regions on mobile.
  • Experimented with a mobile-friendly hover style for the tooltips on abbreviations my weblog software automatically inserts. Look for the any-hover: none media query in my stylesheet if you are interested.

I also updated and turned it into an archive as well. The forum was in read-only mode anyway, for four years already, because of spam and inactivity.

Thiemos Archiv braucht kein Apostroph. Das ist schon Genitiv genug.
Autsch, stimmt. Als ich den Titel festlegte, hab ich noch Englisch gedacht, und erst danach entschieden, dass diese Seite deutschsprachig bleiben soll. Danke!
Hi, (link im TAP.MAG reader text) gibt es schon lange nicht mehr. Alternativ könntest du ja auf mein Demozoo-Profil linken:

(überhaupt hatte ich schon längst vergessen, was für hübsche Reader du so gebastelt hattest...:)
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