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I have a collection of obsolete »computer books« from the 1980s and earlier, including many about the programming language BASIC. Whenever I skim through another addition to my collection, one BASIC keyword keeps catching my attention: SWAP. It's such a simple enhancement. There are even dedicated Wikipedia articles about the concept (Dreieckstausch in German). Yet it doesn't exist in any of the modern programming languages I use nowadays. Why is that?
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I might have found the very first real-world application for the ~ CSS selector in my life. Or the last time I used it was so long ago that I totally forgot it exists. What does it do?
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I finally, finally found a solution for when the stupid Fn (»function«) key on my laptop keyboard get's »stuck«. This keeps happening to me ever since I started using Ubuntu back in 2014. The effect is that all F-keys are »broken«, and pressing them starts changing system settings (typically printed in blue on the keys), as if the Fn key is constantly pressed. F3 doesn't search but increases the volume. F11 doesn't toggle fullscreen but decreases the screen brightness. I have to hold the Fn key to get the normal F-key functions. I was never able to fix this on my previous Lenovo ThinkPad, but found a solution for my current DELL Latitude 7490. This Ask Ubuntu post lists a few possibilities, and mine is amongst them: Fn + Esc toggles an »Fn lock« feature.
The past weeks, I decluttered my old domain a bit. I tried to turn it more into an actual archive, instead of something that appears like I still do. Here are some notable changes, for – well – the sake of archiving:
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I totally missed the new array_column() function that was introduced in PHP 5.5 in 2013. I wanted to explore it a bit.
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I had the pleasure to join the workshop »Tech Lead Skills for Developers – From Maker to Multiplier« back in December 2019. Instead of waiting for this to become an actual blog post, I'm going to dump my notes now.

Key learnings:

  • »Tech Lead« is not a position, it's a role.
  • Tech Lead is a cross-section between Developer, Architect, and Leadership.
  • Tech Leads absolutely must touch code.
  • »Leading« means communicating. Work on your communication skills!
  • Draw diagrams of your software architecture!
  • Read!
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Seit einigen Monaten bin ich verstärkt auf der Suche nach obsoleter IT-Literatur aus den 1960er bis 1990er Jahren – also aus genau der Zeit, bevor ich selbst ernsthaft mit der IT in Berührung kam. Inzwischen verzweifle ich ein klein wenig an der Frage, wie ich die wachsende analoge Sammlung sinnvoll digital aufbereiten könnte. Diese Woche lief mir ein Kompendium zum Thema »Internet« aus dem Jahr 1999 über den Weg, mit dem ich ein Experiment gestartet habe: Ich habe alles, was ich spannend fand, in einen Thread von Twitter-Tweets mit Auszügen aus dem Buch gegossen.
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